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In today’s world of cyber-criminals and government regulation, information security means far more than just installing a firewall and locking down the incoming access to your servers. Even smaller businesses that deal with credit cards or personally identifying information like health records or credit files are vulnerable to a dizzying array of potential breaches and exploits.

Protecting yourself means a layered approach that combines technology tools, automatic controls, and policies.

Midwest I.T. Support can help you evaluate your business’s specific exposure and determine what methods give the best return on investment to protect your valuable data.

We can also help you evaluate your current IT security posture and recommend improvements as needed. Our services in Network Security include:

  • Firewall and UTM appliances

  • Secure remote access

  • Data leak protection

  • Intrusion detection and prevention

  • Vulnerability assessments

  • Policy reviews and upgrades

  • Anti-virus & Anti-malware

  • Email encryption

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