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One-Rate Managed IT Services

We manage technology 24/7/365 so you can get back to what you do best – delivering your core business products and services to your customers.

Our One-Rate Managed IT Services plans provide your organization with unlimited, comprehensive IT support (around the clock and for a flat monthly fee)

with no additional charges for after-hours support:

  • Unlimited Help Desk Support - Support all your IT-related systems with an issue-tracking system that ensures quick resolutions to problems and protects your workflow from costly interruptions.

  • Server Monitoring and System Maintenance Services - We ensure that your servers never let you down.

  • Antivirus Software Licensing - We apply endpoint security to protect you from the latest dangers – viruses, malware, and any other malicious software that can infect your computers, network, servers, and mobile devices.

  • Data Backup Administration - We ensure complete backups of your servers and workstations to protect your business from disasters and ensure you don’t lose any files.

  • Patch Management for Servers and Personal Devices - Patches and updates to the software code keep your systems reliable and secure. We preview all patches, determine which patches will help, and then test and install them properly and systematically.

  • Coordination of Hardware Warranty Replacements - We make it simple to replace computer hardware covered under warranty by working with your manufacturers to procure replacement parts quickly and ensure that repairs are performed properly.

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